About Us

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Allan Boudreau, Concrete Specialist
Todd Funk, President
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Taylor Funk, Administration

Who Are We?

We are proud to say that TQC Concrete has been the leading concrete specialist in Calgary for the past 10 years.  We have a unique team of experts who all will ensure that you enjoy every step of the way while you watch your concrete dreams become a reality.  Todd Funk is our president and he will lead you through every step of your concrete project.  He will guide you through all of your choices, and give you his expert opinion in helping you achieve your concrete visions. Allan Boudreau is our concrete specialist who will be the head of the job site.  He has worked as a concrete specialist for 30 years.  Our clients love his meticulous precision that goes into each one of his decorative concrete masterpieces.  Taylor Funk is our head of the marketing team, and administrative staff.  She will ensure you are directed to the concrete specialist that will benefit your needs the most.  Most importantly, each and everyone of our team members are a proud to be apart of this company, and are eager to be a part of your concrete journey. Our values at TQC Concrete are quite simple, and we believe every project should encompass three main components:  TRUST. QUALITY. CRAFTSMANSHIP.  We look forward to hearing about your concrete ideas and we cannot wait to help you bring them to life. 

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